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Well, I'm planning on taking over the world one day from my secret island hideout. Own a rocket/tank/super car and employ endless henchmen. (No agencies please).

And if you hadn't noticed already, this page is hosted on GitHub.Pages - so expect a certain level of geekism...

About Me

I have an extensive background in software development, creating content-rich web applications and background services using established technologies and design patterns.

Amazon Alexa development has become an obsession over the last 4 years. My most popular Skill Popcorn Quiz, released in May 2017, stormed into the Top 10 Featured, Recommend, Staff Picks and Most Popular categories on the Amazon homepage and has stayed there for over a year now. With 3,500,000 games played to date, there is no better way to build new features, improve my UX skills, and manage cloud-based deployments when you have 360,000 world-wide players playing your game 24/7. My first venture on Google Assistant development has now brought Popcorn Quiz running on the same game engine. This has opened up a whole new dynamic now that the Alexa players have some fierce competition!

Delving into AI I created a NodeJS application that can play BattleShip against itself. Just to make it interesting and wanting to learn more about the Alexa Presentation Language, I created an Alexa skill called Battle Ship where you play against the same AI.

Employed as an Innovation Developer working with new and up-and-coming technologies to create innovative concepts and prototypes for future markets and opportunities.

I'm working with Node.JS and MongoDB, this is evident if you take a look at my repos. I'm loving the performance and scalability of the MEAN stack and the friendly, pro-active community support that comes with it - a refreshing change from my days working on .NET solutions.

You can also find me on the education discussion boards at MongoDB, which I'm a heavy contributor to since starting a series of online training certifications.

When not attached to a keyboard, you'll find me on a mountain bike trying to get as muddy as possible on a woodland trail or carving up the white stuff on a snowboard trying not to break myself.

Did I mention that I bake...?!

My Projects

A brief overview of some of my projects...

"Alexa, play Popcorn Quiz"

"Let's do this!"

Think you know movies? Test your skills against the world!

Popcorn Quiz

Popcorn Quiz will ask five true or false questions from a vast range of movies and actor biographies.

For a given movie, Popcorn Quiz will quiz you on opening lines, the release years, actors, slogans, directors or characters. For actors, Popcorn Quiz will quiz you for their birth year or place of birth.

Popcorn Quiz will keep your score and tell you your world ranking position compared against other Alexa and Google players.

The more games you play and the more questions you answer correctly, the greater chance to increase your world rank. To reward your dedication, every 5th consecutive game will be a double-point round. Every 10th will be a triple-point round!

Double-point events happen every three days, so every player gets a fair chance to storm the ranks.

Look out for triple-point events - a few are scattered throughout the year. Otherwise, leave me a review on Amazon and I'll reward everyone with a full day of triple points a few days after!

"Alexa, ask Popcorn Quiz what my rank is"

"Ok! Your rank is..."

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This Skill was launched on Alexa on 28th May 2017 This Action was launched on Google on 3rd Sep 2018

The Skill provides an addictive, engaging and challenging game that keeps you coming back to increase your score.

Based upon previous experiences, I've been building a dynamic personality engine for Alexa that will tease, encourage and taunt your gameplay, so expect her to get more integrated into the Skills I create.

Privacy Policy

Latest Popcorn Quiz News

23 Oct 2021 - DTD are back playing another round of PQ! linky here

23 Jun 2021 - Was the movie called 'Matrix Reloaded' or 'Matrix Rearmed'? Or how about 'The Perks Of Being a Sunflower'? Movie Title Jumble questions are now live!

13 Mar 2021 - New question type live! - which character says the famous quote! Was it Quint who shockingly said "You're gonna need a bigger boat."? Or Jack Nicholson who shouted "You can't handle the truth!"?

23 Jan 2021 - There has been lots of optimisations behind-the-scenes of PQ to ensure that the game remains stable and responsive as the number of players increases.

3 Jan 2021 - Happy New Year PQ Players! - Look out for more movie-related dates such as Star Wars Day (May 4th), Groundhog Day (Feb 2nd) and Terminator Judgement Day (Aug 29) where PQ will be giving out triple-point.

18 Sep 2020 - NEW QUESTION TYPE IS NOW LIVE - Poster Mosaic! For screen devices, can you make out the movie poster hidden behind the tiles??

02 Feb 2020 - NEW QUESTION TYPE IS NOW LIVE - Movie Details! Do you know your Nostromo from your Sulaco? Are there 6 members of The Incredibles family? Did Keanu take the red pill or the blue pill? Lets see how you compare!

18 Jan 2020 - NEW QUESTION TYPE IS NOW LIVE - Movie timelines!!! Do you know you post-apocalyptic from your period drama? Some are obvious. Some are tricky. Some will catch you out!

Popcorn Quiz gets a mention...

13th July 2021 - DTD are back playing another round of PQ! linky here

12 Jan 2021 - The Netherlands-based website focusing on smart devices Domoticavergelijken have blogged about how to play games with your Google Home, picking PQ as an example.

23 Oct 2020 - German audio/technology specialists Teufel have blogged about Alexa movie skills in the run up to 🎃 Halloween, with PQ getting a shout-out.

24 Jun 2020 - voicemarketdata.com have done a full comprehensive analysis of the UK Alexa adoption rates, listing PQ in the top 15 Skills.

22 Apr 2020 - smartdomotica.it lists all the great things about owning a Google Home, which mean Popcorn Quiz hits the games section.

4 Apr 2020 - Popcorn Quiz gets a mention in the official Amazon Alexa UK email!

28 Feb 2020 - Popcorn Quiz gets a mention in the official Amazon Alexa UK email!

24 Jan 2020 - Popcorn Quiz gets yet another mention in the official Amazon Alexa UK email! 🥳

20 Dec 2019 - Popcorn Quiz gets another mention in the official Xmas Amazon Alexa UK email!

8 Dec 2019 - www.danielegiudici.it lists all the great things about owning a Google Home, putting Popcorn Quiz at the top of the games section.

15 Nov 2019 - Popcorn Quiz gets another mention in the official Amazon Alexa UK email!

12 Aug 2019 - androidplanet.nl ranks Popcorn Quiz in at #4 as one of the best games on Google Assistant!

16 July 2019 - Popcorn Quiz gets a review on SmartHomeWeb.nl and is listed as a Top Google Home App!

9 Jun 2019 - Multiple shout outs from a few media sources following a huge marketing push from Amazon :)

7 Jun 2019 - Popcorn Quiz gets its 4th mention in the official Amazon Alexa UK email!

20 Apr 2019 - Popcorn Quiz gets its first mention in the official Amazon UK email! As part of their Easter promotion, PQ was recommendated to help players win a gift voucher.

17 Apr 2019 - Popcorn Quiz gets a mention over on mummyconstant.com

30 Mar 2019 - Popcorn Quiz gets another mentioned over on Vocal Assistant Italy in an article on gaming using voice assistants.

20 Feb 2019 - Popcorn Quiz gets mentioned over on Vocal Assistant Italy in an article on gaming on Google Home.

20 Dec 2018 - Popcorn Quiz gets the first review spot on brand new podcast from Voiciety.io!

19 Oct 2018 - Popcorn Quiz gets its 3rd mention in the official Amazon Alexa UK email! Go #TeamPQ! This introduced over 1,000 players who played 4,100 games and helped push PQ to 119,000 players and 705,000 games!

2 Oct 2018 - SmartHacks DataBank has made a video review of Popcorn Quiz! Check it out: -

14 Sep 2018 - vision High-Tech has made a video review of Popcorn Quiz! Check it out: -

13 July 2018 - Unlucky for some, but not me! Popcorn Quiz gets featured in the official Amazon Echo email for the second time! This introduced 900 players who played 3,000 games and helped push PQ to 90,000 players and 469,000 games!

2 Feb 2018 - Popcorn Quiz gets featured in the official Amazon Echo email! This introduced nearly 3300 players who played over 6200 games and helped propel PQ to almost 52,000 players and 155,000 games, making this the best day ever for PQ!

12 Jan 2018 - Reddit user alexainteractions has made a video review of Popcorn Quiz! Check it out: -

6 Oct 2017 - Dot to Dot plays Popcorn Quiz live in a podcast!!! linky here

"Alexa, play Battle Ship"

"Happy hunting, Marine!"

Welcome to Battle Ship - the classic Naval warfare game!

Play against a relentless AI enemy that won't stop hunting you until your fleet is destroyed!

The AI will position your fleet for you, so you jump straight into battle - no faffing setting up your game.

Command your crew with the coordinates to fire against and rid the sea of the hostile forces.

Player vs AI
Player Won: 0 AI Won: 0

Earn your promotion through the ranks and compare your achievements with other Battle Ship players.

Optimised for play on Alexa screen devices, but plays perfectly well on the Dot using the companion app.

Last Games
Device Tactical Grid Player Fleet Total Games Won/Lost Last Played Joined

This Skill was launched on Alexa on 28th May 2020


Jumping on the Flappy Bird bandwagon, a complete browser-based game written in HTML5 and JavaScript. Based upon the classic original and with graphical help from a few versions that exist already.

=== Click to Play Now! ===

More of a playground for learning about the HTML5 canvas object in modern browsers. My focus is understanding features like touch/event-driven behaviour across multiple devices and browsers, and game-specific design patterns for collision detection and sprite animations.

It is great fun to play so I'm updating this game often with new features and fixing any bugs found. The wife is addicted to it and puts in the change requests...

There is a Halloween version available. It activates in October after 6pm. Or by clicking this link...

Formula One Stats

An AngularJS application which focuses on the MVW design pattern to consume a public Formula One REST API.

Using the great UI Router and Bootstrap for fluid, cross-device responsiveness while learning the core features of AngularJS.

I've used some great libraries: Chart.JS and Isotope to help show data in different ways. Where possible all data is cached in a MongoDB instance for the fastest possible retrieval.

Get in Touch

You can get hold of me in a variety of ways, this being the future an' all.

Twitter, LinkedIn or the old, classic way contact.github.io@daryljewkes.com